Demo apartment tours

The installation of demonstration apartments is a suitable instrument to communicate advantages of planned refurbishment measures to the tenants. They help explaning applied energy efficiency technologies, to visualize enery consumptions and give tenants the possibilities to envisage improvements on their living comfort.

In the demo city of Bolzano, an external partner (Cooperative19) has been assigned to professionally design demo apartments in form of a travelling exhibition for all local SINFONIA buildings.

The three main objectives of the demo apartments are:

  1. Promote the tenants acceptability of the measures that have been taken
  2. Inform tenants about what has been done
  3. Explain them how to properly use the new technologies implemented in their homes


SINFONIA demo apartment © EURAC

The demo apartment tour consisted of a series of five events with the same format, under the name “Qui vivo meglio – Besser wohnen” (Here I live better). Each exhibit was tailored to the single building interventions, since the technologies implemented are not similar at every site. “Qui vivo meglio – Besser wohnen” was installed in empty and already refurbished apartments in each SINFONIA site. The exhibit was open only for tenants living in the building. The demo apartment was furnished with some white furniture and colorful carpet serving as the background for the provided information. Lamps, books and plants helped to create a cozy atmosphere to make visitors feel at home. At the entrance of the apartment visitors were welcomed and given a short introduction to SINFONIA and the interventions in Bolzano. A big TV screen showed the SINFONIA image film in Italian and German language.

The items of the exhibition were distributed in four main rooms, each one referring to a single refurbishment intervention explaining 1) What is the intervention?, 2) What is it for? and 3) How can I use it in a correct way? Local SINFONIA partners guided the visitors through the tour. They showed them what has changed in their homes, how those changes will influence their daily life and how they will improve their well-being. Short texts combined with graphical content helped to easily understand the main aspects of the interventions and used language was tailored to the target group. Additional information material was provided to visitors to take away in order to keep in mind and disseminate the message to neighbors and relatives.

The exhibition were open two hours a day for It was open 2 hours per day for a total of 4 days.

The exhibition in Via Brescia hosted 37 visitors. Satisfaction surveys have been distributed to all of them, with positive outcomes:

  1. 30 of 37 would suggest the event to a neighbor
  2. 30 of 37 evaluate the content “very interesting”
  3. 29 of 37 found the exhibition in line with their expectations


Tenants had the opportunity to ask questions and found answers to some of their doubts.