Involvement of Early Adopter Cities

The transfer of sustainable solutions for energy supply and use in neighbourhoods to the Early adopter cities is a central element of the EU-funded project SINFONIA. Dissemination is associated with a corresponding expenditure of time, which must be taken into account when planning work packages or subtasks in order to create good conditions for the prompt implementation of best practice solutions.

The results of research projects only have a broad impact if they are successfully disseminated to the relevant target groups. The concept of the EU-funded project SINFONIA envisages a multi-track dissemination of the results. Early Adopter Cities play a special role here.

The conception of the SINFONIA project comprises subtasks which deal with the work in the early adopter cities with solutions developed within the framework of the project – e.g. the Task on “Optimal district refurbishment in the early adopter cities”. This creates good conditions for the transfer and application of the relevant solutions. In addition, it seems to be useful to provide a time budget – e. g. in the form of a separate task – for the active communication of the results to these municipalities in other work packages as well, in which results are developed that may be of interest to other municipalities.

In this context, it must also be taken into account that in the municipality to which the results are disseminated it is necessary to inform the relevant stakeholders about these results or, if necessary, to convince them of this; an appropriate time budget is helpful in this context.

The cooperation in the project also offers the possibility of mutual learning. Where applicable, the pilot cities, for example, can also benefit from implemented projects in the early adopter cities or from the knowledge gained in the process. SINFONIA’s project concept envisages in particular the meetings in the participating cities and the publication of content on the project website. A correspondingly extended use of the Knowledge Centre could, if necessary, make a contribution to profiting even more from each other.


The concept of SINFONIA provides for a series of activities and measures to ensure the dissemination of the results. To ensure that solutions and findings are taken up as soon as possible and that mutual learning is intensified, the following measures in particular seem to be effective: the involvement of local stakeholders to the required extent, the active dissemination of the results of the relevant work packages and the increased mutual exchange of knowledge and experience (between municipalities).

Lessons learnts:

The prompt implementation of sustainable solutions for energy supply and energy use in neighbourhoods is favoured if interim results are already made available in connection with the development of best practice solutions. The basic knowledge about ongoing activities in other municipalities can also be helpful here. Suitable measures for the exchange of information can ensure this.