In the course of SINFONIA a set of methods for the involvement of stakeholders in different fields has been applied, tested and evaluated. Why to use a specific method to get information needed? Different problems require different approches. A description of methods applied in the demo cities Bolzano and Innsbruck is outlined in the following subsections.

All applied methods aimed at the sharing of kowledge between stakeholders since it is indispensable for the success of SINFONIA. Prerequisite for the share of knowledge is the creation of an environment of trust. By meeting this challenge, knowledge hoarding of single actors can be prevented, since involved individuals are not threatened by the fear to loose their power. The will to share information is inherent to all of us, but depends on a positive commitment to the project goals1. Turning the SINFONIA demo cities Innsbruck and Bolzano in “real” smart cities is an intensive process that requires good networking and cooperation activities between all involved parties.



1. Chen, C. A., & Hsieh, C. W. (2015). Knowledge sharing motivation in the public sector: the role of public service motivation. International Review of Administrative Sciences, 0020852314558032.