This subsection is renamed to “Events”.

In the framework of SINFONIA a series of events has been organized and held by partners of the consortium. A description of theses events sorted by the addressed stakeholders is provided in the subsection below.

Events for the involvement of schools:

Events for the involvement of the general public:

Events for the involvement of tenants:

Events for the involvement of early adopter cities:

Events for the involvement of other stakeholders:


At the Kick-Off Workshop

Young University – day of action

The Young University Innsbruck was founded in 2001 as an initiative of the University of Innsbruck. It aims at creating enthusiasm for science among children and adolescents. On an annual basis, the Young University organizes a day of action for school children at the age of 8 to 18 years where departments of the university and external institutions with a scientific and technical background can present the topics of their daily work.

On these occasions SINFONIA partners presented the project to young people from Tyrol twice, in 2015 and 2017. Objectives of the project were explained in an age-appropiate way with hands-on experiments (e. g. effect of insulation of buildings by using thermographic cameras or demonstration of solar power by a PV race course).

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Ideas competition for children: “The smart city of the future”

Within the Young University – day of action 2015 and 2017 an ideas competition on “The smart city of the future” was organized for children and adolescents. Pupils as well as teachers in Innsbruck were encouraged to work on small projects, focusing on “sustainable energy supply”, “renewable energies”, etc. They could or draw or give a written description of their ideas. Local SINFONIA partners assisted the pupils in developing their ideas and projects. They gave support and necessary background information.

The best ideas selected by a jury were honoured with fun prizes. The winners were invited to an award winning ceremony and had the possibility to present their projects.

On these occasions, more than 600 students came in touch with the contents of SINFONIA.

Children drawing their ideas of the smart city of the future


Participation at the Long night of research

The Austrian Long night of research is the country`s biggest scientific event. It involves all scientific institutions and aims at the communication of scientific activities to a broad public. The Italian counterpart of the event is LUNA.

SINFONIA was presented at the Long night of research on four occasions (2014 and 2016 in Bolzano, 2016 and 2018 in Innsbruck). Local consortial partners supervised interactive stands about the project (e. g. demonstration of effects of thermal insulation of buildings with infrared camera, information on SINFONIA monitoring activities, game “How to safe energy”). The aim was to bring the scientifc contents of SINFONIA to the public.


Organization of Info Days

From the very beginning of SINFONIA, a broad variety of info days was organized in both demo cities. Smart city dialogues, exchange meetings & excursions with partner cities or cluster companies, presentations in the city council, etc. had the aim, to proactively inform about the contents, the goals, expected outcomes and the challenges of the project on the one hand and to enable exchange between the affected stakeholders on the other hand.


Press conferences

Press conferences were held in both demo cities at the beginning of SINFONIA as well as later in the project, when the first measures started or were completed. Press conferences are on the one hand useful to inform politicians about the progress of the project and on the other hand to involve them in an active way.


Demo apartment tours

A new approach to communicate details of the refurbishments to the tenants is the possibility to visit demo apartments. The SINFONIA housing associations offered their tenants the opportunity to visit apartments similar to their own that have already been refurbished. As a result of these visits, tenants gained an idea about how their future flats will look like and how they will be technically equipped.

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Organization of site visits & study tours

Guided tours to SINFONIA demonstration measures (refurbishment sites, district heating network, smart district, etc.) was organised by the district leaders or other project partners, accompanied by a a general presentation of the SINFONIA project and specific thematic presentations. These site-visits were organized for early adopter cities, interested professional audience or delegations of companies.


Participation at international scientific conferences, fairs, workshops and exhibitions

The project SINFONIA was presented to a scientific target group on various occasions. Two examples are listed below.

SINFONIA partners participated at the “International Passive House Conference”  with a poster presentation at the exhibition and presentations of project results in conference sessions in 2017 and 2018.

The SINFONIA partner Urban software institute participated at conferences, workshops and exibitions of the German Smart City Forum in order to maintain and increase the dialogue between cities, research institutes, industry and the EU. Since 2013 regular international expert meetings, workshops and exibitions were held. The forum is intended to facilitate further exchange, mutual learning and lively discussions. The Urban software institute chairs those meetings. Other SINFONIA partners participated as speakers or guests.