Questionnaire surveys are a common tool to involve stakeholders throughout the runtime of SINFONIA. Different stakeholder groups have been addressed to collect, analyse and interpret information. Some examples are outlined below.


Questionnaires for Tenants

Tenants were asked to participate in a questionnaire survey. This activity represented another opportunity to interact with people in SINFONIA buildings and helped to collect some information about their socio-demographic characteristics, behaviours, habits, knowledge and opinions. Most of the inhabitants of SINFONIA buildings collaborated and filled the questionnaire. The availability and the interest of tenants in SINFONIA is quite confirmed.

sprites_doc2_variante2-final Questionnaire for tenants prior to refurbishments

  Analysis of the tenants questionnaire survey from a communication perspective

The analysis of questionnaire results aims to collect some information about tenants’ preferences. These results should be taken into consideration for the organization of future meetings. The questionnaire survey can be considered as an exchange of information between tenants and SINFONIA partners. It is the opportunity to improve future approaches in information exchange.
For example, most of interviewed tenants said that energy saving is very important in their daily life. This result should not be taken for granted and future meetings should focus on energy saving in order to raise the attractiveness of encounters for tenants.
Some information of the questionnaires are also useful for planners and architects (e.g. IPES distributed a schedule asking about the heating systems in the flats).

  Questionnaire for tenants after refurbishments


Questionnaire on communication demand in Innsbruck

A survey among communication team members in September 2015 aimed at acquiring information on communication demands among different dialogue groups. Results of this survey give an overview of existing communication channels with tenants and suggestions of improvement of the knowledge exchange.


SWOT questionnaire surveys

SWOT analysis is based on the collection of data through a questionnaire survey and workshops. For this reason, two different questionnaires have been administered. The first one was administered to “external” stakeholders that have already participated in smart city projects. The second one was administered to SINFONIA partners in Innsbruck and Bolzano. With the first questionnaire exchange of information with stakeholders that already have knowledge and experience about how to manage a smart city project was guaranteed. The second questionnaire served the collection of information about previous experiences of internal SINFONIA partners.

The SWOT tool: a support for decision-makers who intend to implement a Smart City project
The SWOT tool: a support for decision-makers who intend to implement a Smart City project


Questionnaires for energy consumers

Information of energy consumers is of high interest for the local energy supplier. The aim of the knowledge sharing activities was to identify the challenges and chances of increasing decentralized injection of renewable energy in public nets. In this case, chances of an intelligent energy management are detected that can achieve – with the support of intelligent sensor data – an optimal adjustment of local production and consumption.

In order to answer the above described questioning, 25 energy intensive companies were selected and contacted via a questionnaire elaborated by Urban Institute. This questionnaire focused on the flexibility of energy consumption of companies. Since the feedback rate of the questionnaire was low, telephone interviews via the customer center of IKB were performed following an interview guideline.