Workshops were a common instrument to engage stakeholders at various points in the project. Examples for workshops addressing different stakeholder groups are outlined below.


Stakeholder workshops in Bolzano

In order to stimulate a discussion between stakeholders on the effectiveness of SINFONIA activities and their suitability for the market two stakeholder workshops were organized in Bolzano.

The first stakeholder workshop has been structured in two different parts. In the first part, SINFONIA partners presented some key issues of the project. In the second more interactive part of the workshop three questions have been addressed to the attendees, with the aim to collect opinions of the participants on post-its.

The following three questions served as a starting point for the interactive workshop part:
1. Energy in buildings: Why is the building renovation market so limited?
2. Smart grids & ICT: How to manage renewable energy generated in multi-family houses?
3. Economis & social aspects: Which financial tools exist for smart cities?

The three topics were chosen to cover the wide variety of tasks in SINFONIA, due to the experience from past activities and researches.


The organization and management of the second stakeholder workshop was similar to the first one. Anyway, contents and participants changed. Besides representatives of banks and other financial institutes, SINFONIA partners participated in the meeting. During the first part of the meeting, SINFONIA partners made short presentations. The second part of the workshop was more interactive. Some questions were submitted, like e. g. “How to manage renewable energy produced in residential buildings?” and “Do effective financing tools exist for energy refurbishment of residential buildings?”

Interactive workshops with tenants in Innsbruck

Prior to the start of building refurbishment tenants of buildings of NHT were invited to participate in a workshop that aims at the active sharing of knowledge with the tenants.

The sharing of knowledge is beneficial to both sides. The tenants gain detailed insights in the forthcoming interventions and can actively contribute to them, the housing associations can benefit of the inside knowledge of the tenants. By the workshop format tenants was given the possibility to voice their wishes and concerns about the refurbishments. During the workshops tenants, representatives of the housing agencies and refurbishment experts discuss in topic specific focus groups details of the refurbishments. The topics are selected based on results of the questionnaire survey for tenants. The workshops led to the improvement of the relationship between tenants and housing associations and ultimately, to the increase of acceptance of the refurbishment and evaluation activities by the tenants.


Stakeholder workshop for SWOT analysis

In the framework of SINFONIA a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) tool was developed that provides a support for decision-makers (e.g. majors) who intend to implement a smart city project. It allows performing a qualitative preliminary feasibility study. The outcomes from this tool are useful for the initiation and evaluation of the smart city activities.

Stakeholders have been involved in a workshop as well as through administration of two questionnaires in order to gather input for the tool. The meeting was aiming at the collection of opinions about drivers and barriers of smart city projects and SINFONIA.

The SINFONIA SWOT tool is available here.


School workshops in Innsbruck

A series of workshops was held in selected classes of the SINFONIA schools during the school year 2015/2016. The workshop program consisted of two obligatory basic modules and three elective modules, of which one workshop each should be selected. A coordination unit consisting of local project partners guaranteed the consistency of the program sequences.

Download the workshop program below:

“School Workshop Program: Smart Cities”