The following section provides an overview on activities related to stakeholder involvement in the demo cities Innsbruck and Bolzano in chronological order. Every period counts a year of the project runtime.


Period 1 – month 0-12: June 14 to May 15

  • Establishment of local stakeholder panels in Innsbruck and Bolzano
  • Exchange meetings between the demo cities
  • Design of a questionnaire survey for tenants, development of questionnaires for Bolzano and Innsbruck
  • Conceptual design of a toolkit for stakeholder involvement – an interactive web application for early adopter and replication cluster cities
  • Installation of local communication team in Innsbruck
  • Assessment of communication routines amongst partners in Innsbruck
  • Delivery about knowledge sharing activities in Bolzano and Innsbruck (project deliveries in the sidebar on the right side of the page or to be downloaded here)
  • Development of a new approach for the involvement of tenants
  • Involvement of schools through the development of a workshop program for students (to be downloaded here)
  • Design of template for the collection of “Sets of solutions” in stakeholder involvement (template available here)
  • Comparison of technical and socio-economic solutions in Innsbruck and Bolzano

Period 2 – month 12-24: June 15 to May 16

Period 3 – month 24-36: June 16 to May 17

Period 4 – month 36-48: June 17 to May 18

  • Further development of toolkit for stakeholder involvement
  • Design and start of ex-post questionnaire survey for tenants
  • Regular tenant assemblies for tenants of buildings in refurbishments
  • Demonstration apartments: Start of travelling exhibition “Qui vivo meglio | Besser wohnen
  • Further development of an User manual for tenants
  • Launch of SINFONIA ideas competition for pupils of schools in Innsbruck
  • Participation at the Long night of research
  • Coordination and collections of “Sets of solutions” (collection in the in the sidebar on the right side of the page)
  • Publication of Deliverable 6.3: Transnational comparison of challenges and findings between the demo cities
  • Information campaign for public authorities, house owners and designers in the demo city of Bolzano

Period 5 – month 48-60: June 18 to May 19

Period 6 – month 60-72: June 19 to May 20