Replication cluster

The SINFONIA demo cities are making their expertise available to others through the replication cluster. They offer peer to peer support to other cities and communities interested in implementing their own district-scale refurbishment strategies towards greater energy efficiency.

The replication cities build a community of like-minded cities interested in integrated refurbishment solutions for districts. They access a series of knowledge exchange activities with other cities facing the same challenges – such as field visits, thematic workshops or peer review of master plans. A SWOT online assessment tool allowing the cities themselves to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, as well as the opportunities and threats before carrying out a smart city project has been developed by EURAC. Because the technologies used in the pilot districts are not always replicable in other districts, due to differing climatic conditions or infrastructures, the SINFONIA partners are also working on “district templates” gathering recommended refurbishment solutions for different types of districts.

All these tools should give other European cities access to tested knowledge and useful resources in order to become more energy efficient and sustainable in the near future.

Towns within the cluster aim at:

  • accelerating the rate of growth of sustainable technology solutions by improving and spreading the knowledge on good practices regarding institutional and technological innovation.
  • providing insights on social responses along the chain from awareness, attitude formation, uptake of knowledge, establishment of personal ambitions towards the efficient use of energy
  • integrating new energy technologies.


More information on the replication cluster is available here or can be downloaded with the link below:


The blue coloured cities have joined the Replication cluster, the cities with purple marks are the five early adopter cities and the red coloured ones are the demo cities Bolzano and Innsbruck.