Smart district

All SINFONIA measures are carried out in the smart districts of the demo cities Innsbruck and Bolzano. Here, SINFONIA is aiming at the reduction of primary energy demand by 40 to 50 %, the increase of the amount of renewable energy by 20 % and the reducion of green house gas emissions to increase the quality of life of the citizens.


Smart district Bolzano

The work undertaken in SINFONIA aims to achieve 40% to 50% primary energy savings in the demo sites and to increase the share of renewables in the district, located in the South West of Bolzano, by 20%.
Smart district of Bolzano
Smart district of Bolzano


Smart district Innsbruck

Based on existing energy strategies the east of Innsbruck is becoming a smart district with particulary high amount of implementation measures. Altogether, around 66,000 m² of living space are to be made more energy-efficient in the Tyrolean state capital and the heating requirements of these apartments are reduced to an average of 20 kilowatt hours per square meter and year. These measures ensure high reproducibility and, in addition to the high-quality refurbishment of residential buildings, also innovative refrigeration and heating networks as well as medium- and low-voltage networks from renewable energy sources are important.



Smart district of Innsbruck