Stakeholder groups

The term stakeholder as it is used in SINFONIA is defined as follows: „Stakeholders include those individuals, groups, and other organisations who have an interest in the actions of an organisation [project] and who have the ability to influence it.”1

The SINFONIA stakeholders were defined in the very beginning of the project conjointly by all project partners resulting in two stakeholder maps, one for Innsbruck and one for Bolzano. Further information about identification and characterization of stakes can be found under the topic process. All involvement activities are oriented on key messages for stakeholder involvement defined conjointly by all project partners in the beginning of SINFONIA.

The following stakeholder groups have been adressed in particular:


1.  Savage, G.T; Nix, T.W.; Whitehead, C.J.; Blair, J.D. (1991): Strategies for assessing and managing organizational stakeholders. Academy of Management Executive, 5/2.