Energy providers

Three energy providers took part in SINFONIA, two in the demo cities of Innsbruck and one in Bolzano. As part of the SINFONIA consortium, the energy providers were involved by means of project management instruments, like the District team or the Local stakeholer panel.


Participating energy providers


ALPERIA is South Tyrol’s new provider of energy services. It is one of the leading Italian companies in the field of energy production from renewable sources and is constantly committed to ensuring the security of energy supply and a sustainable future. ALPERIA’s core business involves the production of electric energy, mainly from hydroelectric source but also from minor PV and biomass power plants, the management of the electricity grid in South Tyrol, the production of heat based on waste heat, biomass and natural gas co-generation, the management of six district heating systems and the sale of electric energy and natural gas, as well as the engineering and building of renewable sources power plants. ALPERIA includes 40 daughter companies, around 1000
collaborators and has revenues of over 1 billion €.

Innsbrucker Kommunalbetriebeikb_logo

The Innsbrucker Kommunalbetriebe AG has been supplying the city of Innsbruck with electricity and other public services for more than 100 years. Besides the business units for electricity grids and electricity sales the IKB AG owns and operates several hydro power plants, that can supply about 50 % of IKB’s annual electricity sales. The IKB AG is also responsible for the municipal waste collection and disposal and the city’s sewage treatment and provides telecommunication services to private and commercial customers in Innsbruck. Additionally, new services for energy contracting and energy management were developed and offered to private and commercial customers in Innsbruck and the neighboring region. Within the IKB Group the IKB AG serves as the mother company – fully consolidated companies are amongst others the Innsbrucker Verkehrsbetriebe und Stubaitalbahn GmbH (public transport service for Innsbruck with busses and tramways) and the ElectroDrive Tirol GmbH (full service e-mobility provider inInnsbruck).

TIWAG-Netz AG and TIGAS-Erdgas Tirol GmbHtigas

The TIGAS Erdgas Tirol GmbH supplies households, businesses and the industrial sector with natural gas and heat, while TIWAG-Netz AG is responsible for the transport of electricity and for regional distribution. In 2011 the group achieved a sales volume of EUR 1,372.6 million and employed 1,359 people.

Vertical integration, ranging from the generation of electricity in hydropower stations to energy trading or procurement and distribution among end customers allows for optimization and risk limitation, while the horizontal integration between electricity, gas and heat as sources of energy reinforces synergies and growth effects.


Involvement strategies and methods

Working group meetings in Bolzano

Stakeholder involvement is aiming at encouraging stronger interdisciplinary collaboration between stakeholder groups. The success of SINFONIA is based on the connections and the interdisciplinary of all the topics. The working group meetings established in Bolzano were important to deepen the knowledge exchange on specific topics and for decision-making on single activity. In Working group 2 – Smart grids and ICT, energy providers and other concerned parties in Bolzano worked together in a comfortable environment, based on trust and the possibility to make effective choices. The meetings took place on a monthly basis, lasted from 1,5 to 4 hours and were usually managed by one leader.

Working group in the district of Bolzano

Local stakeholder panel (LSP) meetings in Innsbruck

The LSP aimed at the institutional embedding of activities concerning stakeholder involvement in Innsbruck. It included the evaluation of communication pathways, e.g. between project partners and their clients and vice versa. The LSP is closely tied to the Communication team as well as to the District team, but the focus of the first lied more strongly on the scientific input to and evaluation of communication routines in smart cities and to stakeholder management in general, while the latter is focussing on the practical application of communication activities. Panel members are equal to the members of the Communication and the District team and consist, besides other local partners, of representatives of the local energy providers IKB, TIGAS and TIWAG.

The panel aims at the following goals:

  • Institutional embedding of activities concerning stakeholder involvement
  • Regular exchange meetings between partners in Innsbruck
  • Learning from each other: input of partners, stakeholders and external experts and regular update of activities in Bolzano
  • Coordination of data collection
  • Evaluation of communication pathways