Executive actors

According to the SINFONIA stakeholder maps for the demo cities Innsbruck and Bolzano the stakeholder group executive actors includes the subgroups architects, planners, developing companies and craftsmen.

Involvement of executive actors in Bolzano


Planners and architects were included in the design phase of the building refurbishments, when the application for official permits for the interventions in the buildings was necessary. This project phase required the collection of information from several stakeholders and the exchange of knowledge between them. The design phase aimed to propose effective refurbishment interventions according to law, physical limits and stakeholders preferences. Some useful information for planners and architects have been collected from tenants, through the common questionnaire survey.

Several meetings with representatives of Bolzano`s housing owners, architects and designers took place for each SINFONIA building, starting in June 2015. The planning phase for refurbishments included designers of different work fields, e. g. experts of architectures, energetic plants and systems, engineers.

Communication and information exchange should be organized based on the interests and needs of all involved actors (e. g. social-housing owners and tenants). The meetings should be organized based on clear language and concepts with the aim of improving transparency and sharing of objectives and activities.

Involvement of executive actors in Innsbruck


Executive actors have been strongly involved by the activities of Innsbruck´s housing companies IIG and NHT.

The communication with executive actors was based on regular construction management meetings. Participants of these meetings were architects, planners, construction lead and the developing companies. The meetings took place on a regular basis and as occasion demands, aiming at a continuous exchange of knowledge between the parties involved in the refurbishments of different objects in order to facilitate and coordinate planning and implementation of the refurbishment activities.

The following topics have been addressed during construction management meetings:

  • Information on internal procedures (organogram etc.)
  • General information on the refurbishment objects
  • Presentation of the design competitions
  • Information on tenant involvement
  • Information on municipal building inspection
  • Specification of technical aspects of the refurbishments (heating/cooling, electricity etc.)

Involvement in Sets of Solutions